Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Wallhoff


Professor für Assistive Technologien, Vorsitzender Institut ITAS, Studiengangsleiter AT

Adresse: Jade Hochschule Oldenburg
Abteilung Technik und Gesundheit für Menschen
Ofener Str. 16/19
26121 Oldenburg
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Telefon: +49 441 7708-3738
Fax: +49 441 7708-3777

Short Curriculum Vitae

1988–1991 School education: A-level/high school graduation
1991–1992 Certified Engineer's Assistant
1993–1999 Study of electrical engineering
1995–1997 Undergraduate assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (IMS) in Duisburg
1997–2000 Undergraduate/scientific assistant at the Institute for Computer Science at Duisburg University
2000–2002 Scientific Employee at the Institute for Computer Science at Duisburg University
2002–2006 Scientific Assistant at the Institute for Human-Machine-Communication at Technische Universität München with Doctor Degree, Topic: Implementation and Evaluation of Novel Approaches for Automatic Face Detection, Identification, and Emotion Recognition (in German)
2006–2008 Postdoc at Institute for Human-Machine-Communication at Technische Universität München; Head of the group Cognitive Systems
2008–2010 Akademischer Rat at Institute for Human-Machine-Communication at Technische Universität München; Head of the group Cognitive Systems
since 2010 Professor for Assistive Technologies at Jade University of Applied Sciences

Relevant Publications

List from Duisburg, List from Munich, Researchindex.

  • Mitherausgeber: Aida Stutz; Geschichten aus dem Tourismus für Alle - Barrierefreies Reisen unter Zuhilfenahme assistiver Systeme, 2014, als Download im Eigenvertrieb (3,5 MB)
  • Erich Schneider, Stefan Kohlbecher, Klaus Bartl, Frank Wallhoff. Experimental Platform for Wizard-of-Oz Evaluations of Biomimetic Active Vision in Robots in IEEE Internantional Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (Robio), Guilin, China, December 2009. Best Paper Award
  • Frank Wallhoff, Martin Ruß, Gerhard Rigoll, Johann Göbel and Hermann Diehl. Surveillance and Activity Recognition with Depth Information. In Proc. ICME 2007, Beijing, China, July 2-5, pp. 1103-1106. CD ROM.
  • Frank Wallhoff, Markus Ablaßmeier, Alexander Bannat, Stephan Buchta, Andreas Rauschert, Gerhard Rigoll and Mathey Wiesbeck. Adaptive Human-Machine Interfaces in Cognitive Production Environments. In Proc. ICME 2007, Beijing, China, July 2-5, pp. 2246-2249.
  • Markus Ablaßmeier, Toni Poitschke, Frank Wallhoff, Klaus Bengler, and Gerhard Rigoll. Eye Gaze Studies comparing Head-Up and Head-Down Displays in Vehicles. In Proc. ICME 2007, Beijing, China, July 2-5, 2007, pp. 2250-2252. CD ROM.
  • Michael Zäh, Mathey Wiesbeck, Florian Engstler, Florian Friesdorf, Anna Schubö, Sonja Stork, Alexander Bannat and Frank Wallhoff. Kognitive Assistentzsysteme in der Manuellen Montage. in wt Werkstattstechnik online. Springer-VDI-Verlag (2007) Vol. 97/ 9, p. 644-650.
  • Frank Wallhoff, Markus Ablaßmeier, Gerhard Rigoll. Multimodal Face Detection, Head Orientation and Eye Gaze Tracking In Proceedings IEEE Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration (MFI), Heidelberg, 03.-09.09.2006
  • Frank Wallhoff, Björn Schuller, Michael Hawellek, Gerhard Rigoll. Efficient Recognition of Authentic Dynamical Facial Expressions on the Feedtum Database. In Proceedings ICME 2006, Toronto, Canada, 09.-12.07.2006. IEEE. S. 493-497.
  • Frank Wallhoff, Blörn Schuller and Gerhard Rigoll. Speaker Identification - Comparing Linear Regression Based Adaptation and Acoustic High-Level Features. In Tagungsband 31. Deutsche Jahrestagung für Akustik DAGA 2005.
  • Frank Wallhoff, Martin Zobl and Gerhard Rigoll. Action Segmentation And Recognition in Meeting Room Scenarios. In IEEE Int. Proceedings on International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Singapore, October 2004.
  • Peter Morguet, Christian Narr, Henning Lorch, Frank Wallhoff and Gerhard Rigoll. Reconstruction-Free Matching for Fingerprint Sweep Sensors. In IEEE Int. Proceedings on International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Singapore, October 2004.
  • Frank Wallhoff, Martin Zobl, Gerhard Rigoll and Igor Potucek. Face Tracking in Meeting Room Scenarios Using Omnidirectional Views In IEEE Int. Proceedings on International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Cambridge, UK, August 2004.
  • Gerhard Rigoll, Harald Breit and Frank Wallhoff. Robust tracking of persons in real-world scenarios using a statistical computer vision approach. In Image and Vision Computing Journal Volume 22, Issue 7, Pages 571-582
  • Frank Wallhoff and Gerhard Rigoll. Synthesis and Recognition of Face Profiles. In Proceedings on 8th Intern. Fall Workshop Vision Modelling and Visualization,VMV 2003, Munich, Germany, November 2003.
  • Frank Wallhoff, Stefan Eickeler, and Gerhard Rigoll. A Comparison of Discrete and Continuous Output Modeling Techniques for a Pseudo-2D Hidden Markov Model Face Recognition System. In IEEE Int. Proceedings on International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Thessaloniki, Greece, October 2001.
  • Frank Wallhoff, Daniel Willett, and Gerhard Rigoll. Scaled Likelihood Linear Regression for Hidden Markov Model Adaptation. In European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology, Aalborg, Denmark, September 2001.
  • Frank Wallhoff, Stefan Müller, and Gerhard Rigoll. Hybrid Face Recognition Systems for Profile Views Using The MUGSHOT Database. In IEEE Int. Proceedings on International Conference on Computer Vision, Workshop RATFG (ICCV), Vancouver, Canada, July 2001.
  • Frank Wallhoff, Daniel Willett, and Gerhard Rigoll. Frame Discriminative and Confidence-Driven Adaptation for LVCSR. In IEEE Int. Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Istanbul, Turkey, June 2000.

Reviews for Conferences and Journals

  • IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR)
  • IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON)
  • IEE Proceedings Vision, Image & Signal Processing
  • IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE)
  • IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN)
  • IEEE International Conference on Human System Interaction (HSI)
  • IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (Ro-Man)
  • IEEE Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (OPTIM)
  • Journal of Computer Science and Technology (JCST)
  • Advanced Engineering Informatics (AEI)
  • Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC)
  • Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (CSVT)
  • Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI)
  • International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP)
  • Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision (JMIV)
  • International Journal for Computers and Their Applicatiions (IJCA)


  • Coordinator of ALIAS - The Adaptable Ambient Living Assistant
  • Coordinator of CustomPacker in FP7 PPP-FoF
  • Projects within the Cluster of Excellence CoTeSys (COgnition for TEchnical SYStems):
    JAHIR - Joint Action for Humans and Industrial Robots
    • ACIPE - Adaptive Cognitive Interaction in Production Environments
    • EYETRACK - Eyetracker-Based Driver State and Intention Recognition for Realtime Control and Configuration of Human-Machine Interfaces in Vehicles
    • RealEYE - Remote and Low Latency Eye Tracking
    • Mudis - A MUltimodal DIalogue System for Intuitive Human-Robot Interaction
    • ItrackU - Image-based Tracking and Understanding
    • LearnING -An Applied Engineering Program
    • Sequential - Mental state prediction for perception, task control, and action in sequential activities
    • AudiComm - Audio for Communication and Environment Perception
  • Applied research project with B/S/H/ on innovative control units for white goods
  • SAFFE, Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment 6th FP
  • AGMA, Automatic Generation of Audio-Visual Meta Data in the MPEG-7 Framework
    (funded by BMBF, subcontractor of FHG-IMK)
  • FGNet, European face and gesture recognition working group (EU-IST programme)
    M4 - Multi-Modal Meeting Manager (EU-IST programme)
    MUGSHOT, Face profile recognition using hybrid pattern recognition techniques (funded by DFG)

Functions and Research Interests

  • IEEE Member
  • VDE Member
  • ISCA Member
  • DAGM Member
  • Cognitive Systems with learning capabilities
  • Social Robotics
  • Ambient Assisted Living
  • Pattern Recognition respectively Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Face detection and tracking
  • Face and facial-expression recognition
  • 3D face recognition and modeling
  • Action Segmentation and Gesture Recognition
  • Unsupervised Speaker Adaptation for LVCSR
  • Content Based Image Retrieval
  • Augmented and Virtual Realities
  • Image database collection
  • Biometric Systems