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 title = {Installation and Control of Building Automation Systems using Human-Robot-Interaction},
 abstract = {In this work, an implementation of a building automation system extendable in a dialog with a robot counterpart is designed and evaluated. The system enables its users to integrate new building automation devices into an existing configuration and control them using only voice control. Key findings of this work are that users of the developed system find it more desirable to be able to extend their building automation by themselves. Moreover they perceive the interaction scheme to integrate new automation components as mostly positive. The study was conducted with a group consisting of 13 subjects. The acceptance and usability determined by questionnaires is shown. The presented study underpins the superiority of voice driven interaction within an installation and parametrization setting.},
 tags = {""},
 booktitle = {23rd IEEE International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics (MMAR)},
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