Im Rahmen unserer Forschungsarbeit sind bereits eine Vielzahl verschiedener Software-Lösungen entstanden, die auch außerhalb unserer Institute und der Lehre nützlich sein können. Wir bieten unsere Entwicklungen daher für den nicht-kommerziellen und privaten Einsatz kostenlos und quelloffen zum Herunterladen an.

Aktuell migrieren wir viele unserer Open-Source-Projekte zu, um diese versioniert und ansprechend aufbereitet zu Verfügung zu stellen. Bitte besuchen Sie unser GitHub-Profil: TGM-Oldenburg.



This freeware plug-in (no distribution allowed) is an accurate spectrogram with a few useful features. Download here.


This freeware plug-in (no distribution allowed) is a VST implementation of the spatial distribution meter (SDM) published at the AES in Vienna 2007. Download here.


A VST plug-in that connects the VST interface with MATLAB. With this tool you can implement DSP algorithms in MATLAB. and try them in your favourite DAW. This software is free for private and non-commercial use. However, if you want to use it for longer than 15min in one session you need to send an email (see contact below) to get your own free registration file. You have to provide information on who your are and on the intended usage for the plug-in. (We are just curious. Your data will not be used for any other purposes.) Download here.



PureMeasurement (released under GPL license) is a collection of patches for Pure Data (has to be obtained here:, which let you perform acoustical measurements with your sound card. Possible measurements include sound pressure levels, octave, 3rd octave and A-weighting filters at 44100Hz, FFT-based spectral analysis, reverberation time estimation, etc.) Platform-independent download here.


Lambda (released under GPL license) is a 2D acoustic wave simulator based on the Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) method. Download Linux version, or download Win32 version (documentation and examples included). Please note that *.sim files for previous versions of Lambda are not compatible with Lambda 2.0. You may use the converter MATLAB or Scilab) in the "scripts" directory to convert your old *.sim files into new ones.


If you find this software useful, please support our students with a donation to our association for the students, former students and friends of the Institute of Hearing Technology and Audiology. Possible donations are not limited to money. As a state university we are usually under-funded. Therefore, promotional items of your software or developed devices are highly appreciated.